It’s not Behiiiind youuuuu, it’s Insiiiiiiiiide Youuuuuuuuuuuu!

Something hit me, as I was lazily scrolling through an Excel sheet at work on Tuesday. This search, these posts, my opinions, it has never been about finding the right advice. I’ve been talking about what works and what doesn’t, what to read and what not to, what’s right and what’s wrong…and when I came across Paul David’s site I was convinced I’d reached the end of my search and had my answer. For so long, I was calling this the solution.

I was so wrong?!

This site and book wasn’t the end of my journey, it was the start. The single most wonderful thing this advice did was encourage me to stop searching and with this, the true answers came to me of their own accord, in their own time. This experience of anxiety and suffering has never been about finding solutions; it’s been about giving up on finding solutions. The best thing Paul did was give me the confidence to start seeing the anxiety through without legging it and through this I started to meet this new person that I never knew was there.

She taught me more than any book ever could. She’s my best friend and someone I know I can always, unconditionally, rely on.

Suddenly it was OK to feel anxious so it was OK to listen to myself; anxiety isn’t a separate thing that happens to you that needs curing, nor is depression or any other labelled ‘condition’. It’s all a part of you, it’s a part to love and listen to, accept as part of yourself and from there everything unravels.

Paul’s book doesn’t cure you of your problem, it leads you back to your problem, and only from there can you see it was never a problem at all. He leads you to the start post, not the finish post, but you start by giving up. My words may not mean anything to people right now but I stand by my original advice….if you are suffering with ‘Anxiety’, read this book.

And know that you can give up the search because the answer is a lot closer to home than you ever thought.


Smack Bank

Inside you…

No where else.



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