On Daydreaming

I think this is such a beautiful post that resonated with me so deeply, that I had to repost to my page. I could almost see the fields and smell the coffee as I read it. Absolutely, when learn to just BE, we reach such a peaceful state Xx

Life Lived

Forget colouring books and yoga. What happened to the practice of good old-fashioned daydreaming?

We all remember times at school when the teacher’s voice became no more than background noise to our own imaginings and wonderings, when we doodled idly or gazed out of windows and thought of anything and nothing.

Lately, I’ve been re-finding that long lost art of daydreaming. Instead of grabbing a book or phone or switching on the television, there is always the option of just sitting and letting your mind wander, even if just for a minute or two.

In a cafe, hold your mug with both hands, sip your coffee, smell it, really taste it. Look around, let snippets of other people’s conversation drift in and out of your attention. Be aware of the music that is playing.

On a train, notice the rain on the window, take in the weathered trees, notice the…

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