About My Funny Mind

I love writing and have always wanted to run a blog, but could never really pinpoint a good enough reason to actually get it started. Massively UNprofound things interest this funny mind of mine – the analysis of a text message, why girls overthink, why men don’t think, and the way we all plod about the universe doing things we think are important when actually we are all just mammals in clothes. Am I weird?! My main issue was always: Would anyone REALLY want to read my rambling questions of “Why won’t he text me back?” and “Does my boss hate me?!” and such like. (If I’m honest, I probably will end up writing a blog on those subjects alone at one point…but finally a serious topic floated into my life that finally gave me the justification to start it up….)

Last year a number of negative experiences led me to a breakdown due to stress and I then went on to develop Anxiety due to a lack of understanding of the condition. Eight months on, having been through the hardest part, I now feel that this experience was what I needed to make the blog finally happen! I wanted to highlight a few of these important points regarding Anxiety but then go on to more avenues of life – BOYS (why can’t they act like normal people?!), Friendships, Love, Life in London, Being 20 something Female in the Modern World and many other aspects.

Anxiety does not mean you lose any part of yourself or that you by any means need to sacrifice a single aspect of your life that you used to enjoy. Quite the opposite – it will make your life fuller as eventually you see every day for the gift it truly is and due to the complexities of that funny little mind, you have the ability to feel and savour every tiny part. Such a bitch in those bad moments but so fantastic in those positive moments eh 😉

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment away 🙂


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